Air conditioning

We pride ourselves on being able to rise to any challenge, meeting all the air conditioning needs of our many happy clients, whether they are smaller, domestic clients, looking for an installation in their home, or larger commercial ones, like hotels and hospices. We work on both large and small air conditioning installations all over South Africa. We offer a free site survey to all our customers to make sure you get exactly what you need. All of our engineers are all fully qualified, experienced, and treat your property with the utmost care and attention.


We work with our customers to identify their needs, ensuring the best possible solution. Whether an installation of a high quality refrigeration system, or an excellent service and maintenance plan, Kansatech strives to provide the best quality and service in the industry. With a wealth of knowledge in the industrial refrigeration industry, we pride our selves on delivering exceptional levels of service to all customers, building on our ever growing base of satisfied customers through recommendation and word of mouth.

solar systems

Choose Kansatech to design your system and install your solar panels so that you too can take advantage of the technology that will power our future. We offer pre-construction consultation and coordinate with your builder/contractor. The time is now to stop renting electricity from the utility. Put solar panels on your house and make your own clean power to get short-term and long-term financial benefits while helping to protect the environment.

generator systems

We support the installation of power generation units by offering a complete generator maintenance and service package encompassing all aspects of generator support. Our aim is the elimination start and system failures during power outages, this is achieved by preventive generator maintenance. Our diagnostic expertise allows us to understand the root cause of any generator maintenence related problems and efficiently remedy them.


Delivering Uninterruptible Power Protection Solutions for Essential Services and Mission Critical Applications. Our company aim to ensure the clients’ UPS systems and standby batteries are in optimum condition, ready to protect should a power outage or power related issue occur. Services including UPS maintenance, 24-hour support, UPS battery replacements, testing and installations are carried out by our experienced team of engineers.


Our passionate support team is dedicated to solving all of your IT challenges, helping you focus on what is important to you. Our customers love that we can help them faster and more efficiently without having to wait for a technician to arrive. With an increasing number of threats to businesses – from ransomware to software vulnerabilities, user error and unauthorised access – it is imperative that businesses manage their risk. We’re here to help.