Copper Brazing

Brazing is a metal-joining process in which two or more metal items are joined together by melting and flowing a material into the joint, the filler material having a lower melting point than the adjoining metal. We are dedicated to maintaining our reputation for providing a first class service and product. Brazing is akin to the soldering process but merely carried out at higher temperatures. The principles are the same. It has been defined as " a metal joining process whereby molten alloy is drawn into a controlled gap between two components by capillary attraction." which upon solidification produces a sound joint. The mention of capillary attraction sets brazing and soldering apart from all other metal joining processes. Achieving it will produce joints of the highest integrity and strengths higher than that of the parent materials.

fire hydrant popping

We specialise in the installation, maintenance and testing of privately owned fire hydrants. Our team of experienced engineers has operated in the fire hydrant field for many years and have tested hydrants in a range of different buildings and structures across South Africa. We work with a wide and varied range of clients within the construction industry which include principal and main contractors, M&E contractors, architects, designers along with private individuals. If you are looking for servicing maintenance or installation of a hydrant they please take a look round out site for more information or contact us for a chat, a free quote or to book a service.


We are experts in design and installation of purge gas and seal air ducting systems. Other projects include filtration and extraction outlets for sports facilities and factories as well as the installation of turbine exhaust and inlet ducting. We can source the complete array of ventilation ducting. We specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of commercial ventilation, air conditioning and kitchen extract systems. So, whether you are looking for a solution for the ducts at your home, want to upgrade the system at your workshop, or want industrial-scale equipment, Kansatech is at your disposal.